Saturday, February 18, 2012

How I ended up in the Picture

Hey guys, it's Noel...and I guess I figured a good way to start of said blog would be to explain how I ended up in an apartment with the lovely Urk and Mag. We went/go to BYUI so as you can imagine prayer and all the spiritual stuff that we as Mormon's are famous for went into my decision to live at Birch Plaza.

Honestly I was really nervous that I was going to end up with some crazy psycho roommates who were either scary strict with rules or the polar opposite and slept with alcohol under there bed. I guess in the eyes of most people I did end up with psycho roommates but my craziness was equivalent to theirs and it was truly a match made in heaven. 

I came to BYUI for the first time with my mom over spring break looking for someplace to live for my first year of school. My mom and I went and looked at Nauvoo house, we looked at the girls dorms, we looked at Royal Crest, and then finally we looked at Birch Plaza. Nauvoo was really nice, and their lounge honestly looked like a page out of a magazine. The dorms had a giant fish tank on their counter and cinder block walls...needless to say I told my mom immediately that there was no way I was ever going to live there. Royal Crest didn't make much of an impression honestly and then we went into the model apartment for Birch. It was like somebody had poured a bucket of warm fuzzies over my head, and I knew that was where I needed to be. 

So when fall rolled around my dad helped me load my ridiculous amount of crap into the volcano red mini van my family drove and we headed to Sexy Rexy...much to my disappointment and distress--I had had so much fun with my ward at home over the summer I had no desire to meet new people and go to school. But regardless of what I wanted to do we were moving in.

I got my key and bought some cinder blocks and began the process of moving every item I owned into the back room at birch. In the process of all that good stuff one of my roommates came home. Her name was Meagan and she was super cute and super nice as was the rest of her family.  I asked if she wanted to room with me, but she told me that she was already in a room with a girl named Erika--my first thought was great I'm going to get stuck with some crazy chick in my bedroom and everyone is going to already be friends...but I was about as far off base as I could possibly be. 

When I got back a few days later I met all my roommates and I finally realized that college might actually be an experience to look forward to...of course as the first devo tuesday rolled around and fires began to happen I began to realize that there was no other time in my life that could possibly compare to that time, right there...standing in the middle of the kitchen with three other freshman holding a flaming skillet of frozen fish screaming our heads off--but that's a story for a different time :)


  1. The fish...I honestly don't know HOW I did that....Who sticks a frozen fish in a pot of hot oil?? I am so happy I can cook now...sometimes ha ha

  2. Hahaha that seriously made my whole we need to put more posts up but I have no clue what to write about, not that we don't have a zillion stories :)